SS for our summer camp bikes?-
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    SS for our summer camp bikes?

    I work at a Christian adventure camp in western Montana and we have take our campers mountain biking as one of their activities. They are on the bikes for about 2.5 hours and most of them have little experience coming into it. We usually have fairly decent intro level bikes for them to ride, but finding someone other than me to maintain them and having to sell them every year or so to keep the fleet fresh is a pain. I am thinking that having single speed bikes might make life alot easier for us at the camp and wouldn't take away too much from the camper experience. There are some hefty hills on a trail that we use, but most beginners end up having to push their bikes up them anyway.

    Low maintenance on and off trail.
    Campers don't have to worry about gears.
    Bikes might last several years without getting to worn out.
    Campers might go slower down the hills.

    Campers might have to walk a bit more.
    Anyone riding for more than an afternoon has a steep learning curve.

    what am i missing?

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    I think its a good idea. I doubt as beginers they shift all that much anyway. Pu them in the right gear combo and let them loose.

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    Agreed - for a recreational ride the drawbacks aren't significant. Make sure you run an easy gear ratio!

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    On practical considerations it all makes perfect sense. I think you might be missing the psychological aspect. Unless you spend a lot of time re-educating the kids, you run the risk of a lot of "This stupid bike doesn't have any gears so I can't get up any of the hills. This camp sucks!". Note that I predict that this will occur regardless of the fact that the kid walked that hill on a geared bike the week before.

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    Better question, Can I work for you?

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