SS kung fu and geared bikes-
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    SS kung fu and geared bikes

    So here's the deal, SS only for me starting in August of '04 until I bought a geared cross bike about a year ago, good bike but not really versatile enough for me so I sold it and bought an El Mariachi 1x9 last November. The cross bike is irrelevant so forget I brought it up.

    I still consider the SS my main off road steed but lately I've been alternating between the two bikes. The first time I rode the El M. I had a hell of a time climbing, I mean beyond the fact that I was(and still am) way out of shape. I was gearing down for the climbs, staying seated, and grinding away but was totally unable to make it happen. About ten miles into the inaugural ride I decided to change my strategy and treat the bike as a SS for the climbs. Things just clicked after that, I was climbing like a champ. Ever since, every time I take the El M. out I try to climb like a geary and end up falling back on tried and true SS kung fu. Last time out I just threw in the towel, I'm done trying. I'm not ditching the gears but SS style climbing for me from here on out.

    Anyone else experience this sort of thing or is it just me?

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    I had that same experience. Seems to me that the riding styles are different, and I had forgotten how to spin on climbs.

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    might be a good plan to put a road cassette on there. that way your granny is just a little easier than your ss, and you have faster gears for where you would want them.

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    Your "spinning" muscles suck. Your "mashing" muscles don't. I had the same experience when I rode my geary for the first time after almost a year on the SS. I can out climb some gearys on short climbs, but on the longer ones, my legs eventually explode, and they slowly spin past me. Still wouldn't trade it for the world.

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    Yeah, what's up with that?

    I'm feelin' all fit (for me, which is still slow) on my juice, and decide to take out the gearie fs and discover that not only do I have no power spinning, but now my knees are getting sore 1 hour into a 4 hour ride.

    For years I used to be spinning faster than all my friends just to keep my knees from exploding. Now after just a few weeks of exclusively riding SS I gotta stand up to climb on a 4x4 full squish --it's like towing a damn mattress

    Just different muscle groups, I guess, but I'm amazed how fast my legs change.

    Guess I got to alternate 'em daily if I'm going to keep doing full-boing rocky rides at all.
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    Yes, i suck at spinning. I always gear to about a 2:1 ratio & just get the climb done.
    I recover quickly,so i just keep hammering.
    Some mountains though it's impossible to even use a SS bike w/o pushing up the whole climb. Tennesse has some steep stuff !
    Santa Cruz Bullit
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