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Thread: SS conversion?

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    SS conversion?

    Hi all,

    I have an old Timberline GT that I'm thinking about converting to SS. (Something to hold me over until I can get a real 29" SS bike). Would this be an easy DIY project? Could you tell me what is needed/recomended? I'm also thinking about doing an upgrade to the forks (currently rigid) any thoughts on a nice inexpensive fork set up?

    I'm thinking this would be a great way to get my hands dirty and figure out to build a bike so that when the time comes to build a KM I'd be ready. Thanks!!

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    First, you're gonna get half a dozen replies telling you to check the FAQ. Yes it's hard to find sometimes but you will see it at the upper right corner of your screen (you may have to scroll over) just below where it says Singlespeed:

    Second, congratulations on your decision. You will come out of it either knowing it was the biggest waste of time ever or, you will end up like the rest of us - forever hooked on the simplicity, fun and challenge of bikes that don't shift.

    If you still have questions after reading the FAQ, don't hesitate to ask.
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    Will do, thanks! Ok found the FAQ!! (Didn't see it before)
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    Not sure if the ENO is in the FAQ but would be the best way IMO to convert. Not the cheapest way or course but still the cleanest and easiest.

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    Upgrading the fork may mess with the geometry on your GT. I had a Timberline way back when and still have a late mid 90s steel frame, and both were designed with horizontal TTs and axle-to-crown dimensions that were not very amenable to suspension upgrades. It isn't impossible, but you may not like the way it rides.

    Keeping it fully rigid with a big tire (you might be able to upgrade to a rigid fork with more clearance) might be the way to go.

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