SS chain replacement debate???-
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    SS chain replacement debate???

    So given that I have a Salsa frame with their alternator tenisoner I was wondering the other day because I can adjust the chain as much as I need How long can I ride with that chain before the pins get too far stretched or start to harm my gears?? What is the safe point of no return. Any logical info is welcomed and scientific data is even better.
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    Late Sheldon Brown continues to help:

    Chain Maintenance

    He says:

    # If the rivet is less than 1/16" past the mark, all is well.

    # If the rivet is 1/16" past the mark, you should replace the chain, but the sprockets are probably undamaged.

    # If the rivet is 1/8" past the mark, you have left it too long, and the sprockets (at least the favorite ones) will be too badly worn.


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