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    SS chain and cog

    Alright, I'm a total newb here as far as SS goes. I just bought a 2010 Rig frame and am building it up. Got some Bontrager RXL wheels - the rear is a single speed hub so i don't have to worry about spacers. I'll have XTR cranks with stock 32 tooth ring. My question is what chain and cog would you suggest given this set-up? I'm a little confused as to what's good and what's not. Been looking at the Sram PC7X chain and surly cogs - any thoughts on that. I'm the type that doesn't mind spending more on something that works well. Any good suggestions?

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    Sram 8-spd chain.

    Surly cogs are fine. I prefer steel cogs (like Surly) even though they're heavier because they last longer than aluminum cogs.


    P.S. There's a guy on here that makes rings and cogs. Name's "I Suck At Riding." Good stuff.

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    i use shimano DXR cogs (with an 1/8in chainring and 1/8in chain)

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    I'm running a Surly cog with a 1/8 KMC 710sl and a Middleburn 1/8 Uno ring.

    The Surly cog doesn't seem to have any issues whatsoever running the 1/8 chain.

    The KMC chain has been set and forget. I've had far less hassles with it than with any of the 3/32nd SRAM or Shimano chains I've used (and before anyone chimes in, yes, the 3/32 chain were run with a 3/32 ring, not with the 1/8 ring.) Top of the range 9 speed chains SRAM 91 and XTR/Duraace can't hold a candle to the KMC as far as I'm concerned.

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    So, if you don't have spacers in the rear, you need to get the chainring in the right position for a good chainline.

    Running 3/32 cogs and chainring with Shimano CN-7701 chains, and feel no need to try anything else.

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