Spare set of wheels for my SS( I'm new... I dont know what to do!!!)-
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    Spare set of wheels for my SS( I'm new... I dont know what to do!!!)

    First I would like to start by saying I have been checking out the forum for a few weeks now trying to learn more about my new bike. I have been out of the sport for 15 years or so and A LOT has changed since then. I decided to go single speed because I like a challenge and I need to get in shape and I really do like the simplicity of having just one gear.

    I am riding a new Marlin Single Speed 29er. I'm 6'5" and started at 260lbs but have already lost 12 lbs since I started riding. The only major changes I have made to the bike are platform petals ( King Earls), Easton Haven Handlebars and a White Industries freewheel (17/19).

    The next thing on my list is to pick up a fairly inexpensive set of wheels to throw some Schwalbe Big Apples on for use a round town and on some local rail trails. I am fairly clueless on what to look for. I have been checking craigslist and e bay but have been afraid to purchase anything because I am not sure if it will be compatable or not. I have mechanical disc brakes and I know not all wheels are disc complatable.

    Please Help

    Thanks in Advance

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    I'd look at the rotor pattern if you have current rotors you want to use, make sure they are the same, either 6 bolt or centerlock, you can get adapters but they're not really cheap. Make sure if your using qr skewers you get the same hubs for qr, or bolt on if your running that in rear.

    Just ask whoever is selling the wheelset if they are disc specific and they should tell you if they are or not.

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    Since they are just for rolling around town, just about any of the take offs you find on ebay will work. Most adds say whether or not they are disc specific but you can always ask as stated above. More than likely (the majority of the take offs out there anyway) they are 6 bolt (6 little screws holding the rotor to the hub). Seeing how you have a WI freewheel (so do I, they rock!), that means that you have a freewheel hub vs a cassette style. This should not make much of a difference in your purchase mind you but just know that if you get a cassette style wheel, you may have to make sure you get a spacer kit if the wheels don't come with the cog already on the wheels (maybe even a new cog). I found quite a few on there a couple of weeks ago that would easily do the trick and most were under $200 or so. Nothing special about them mind you.

    In short:

    1. bolt on or quick release (qr)
    2. freewheel or cassette
    3. 6 bolt or center lock

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    Thanks for the replies. I'm feelin a little more comfortable about making a purchase now.

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