I have two 29er rigid forks for sale - details and pics below. Prices negotiable (but not too much )

On the left is a Niner rigid - 490mm Axle to Crown, 40mm offset. Steerer tube is 8 inches long. I recently had it stripped and powdercoated jet black to match my black Karate Monkey, but have decided to keep on using the KM fork. It has not been used since being coated so the coat is flawless. This is a nice fork, Reynolds tubing, great ride and feel (I used it on my Redline Monocog Flight). Star fangled nut installed as well. $100 shipped.

And on the right - a 2008 Redline Monocog Flight fork, 474mm Axle to Crown, 47mm offset. Steerer tube is 7.75" long (stock length for an XL Flight frame). I used this fork for a while on my Flight before going to the Niner fork. No longer have the Flight. Fork also has the star fangled nut installed. Great fork, tapered leg provides a compliant ride. It has some "character" from useage, such as the normal marks in the dropouts, some chipping by the zip tie points on the leg and on the brake mounts. Overall not bad though - what you'd expect for a used item I guess, didn't realize the pics were so crappy . $70 shipped.