Listen up chuts! You think you're hot shit? Well you're not. Or maybe you are. This is your chance to prove you've got the guts, legs and liver to earn the title: Southern Singlespeed Champion. That's right, we're goin Regional this year to let our people in South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, and other Southern swindlers join in the fun. If your state says "y'all" and was on the losing side of The War of Northern Aggression, you're invited to this slam jam great time. September 21 and 22 will be a weekend to remember so mark your calendar for camping, racing, camaraderie, and tomfoolery with the fastest legs in the South. We'll bring you the trademark Faster Mustache experience. You bring your friends, family, and enemies. We'll post race formats, times, categories and registration information soon. We're gathering at Paynes Creek Trail System and Camp Ground in Hartwell, GA. See you There!

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