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    New question here. Solid tires?

    for making a bullet proof commuter, a solid tire seems like a good choice, and the company websites sell the sizzle well. Claim to be almost the same weight, with great durability and handling characteristics.

    I'm looking for a thin road tire for my fixie.

    Brands I've checked out are Amerityre, Greentyre, and Air Free Tyres. Air Free Tires, mentioned jokingly by Hollywood for their yellow option, seem to be the most performance oriented, with selectable psi and a variety of road treads, for only slightly more dough.

    Does anyone have any experience with these types of tires, or better suggestions? How is the handling, installation, and durability? Am I stupid?

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    Nasty stuff

    Handling and comfort are the worst aspects of these types of tyres because they use only the material between the rim and the ground to cushion the bike from the road, rather than the whole air volume of the tyre as a pneumatic tyre does. Getting them on the rim is a real bástard as well.

    You would be much better off going with some Specialized Armadillos or similar, and if you really want no punctures throw some sealant in there as well.

    Dunlop was really on to something!

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    I use...

    Michelin Hi-Lite Prestige road tires along with pre-slimed tubes on my commuter. The combo lasts and never flats. You can usually find the tires on sale at Performance for about $15-$20 each.


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    A friend of mine did some engineering work for one of the solid tire companies. Here's my take (after some converstations with him). There's a reason why pneumatic tires boosted solid tires out the door over a century ago. Performance, ride quality, traction (accelerating and braking) are far superior than solid tires - even on the new fangled versions. The one claim that they can make that is true is flats are eliminated. However, that comes at the expense of serious grip on the road. A pneumatic tire conforms to the surface of the road and gives you confidence cornering at speed. The so-called solid tires do not. And installation is a b i t c h.

    Now, if you contact most of these companies directly, they will claim performance on par with pneumatics, but I can't believe that.

    For a road fixie that you want to be as bullet proof as possible, I would agree with Kolo and go with a 28c Armadillo and add slime tubes.

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    Kolo got it

    The pneumatic tire actually was an advancement!

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    Cool-blue Rhythm I have some of these and...

    I got some bright yellow 700c solid tires from...Greentyre I think, and put them on my shaft drive bike. They were not difficult to install on the low end rims. They feel weird on the road because the profile is nearly flat, I think. sorta felt like riding on marbles. I think they would be great for just tooling around town, but for real road riding I didn't like them at all (I also put them on my road bike and commuted a few times, same squirrly feeling, but were much harder to put on, still not impossible). These were supposed to have the equivalent of 80psi firmness. umm...NOT. they sucked up a fair amount of energy when riding fast (>18mph), but for cruising around town, not a problem.

    thats my experience with them.

    On my commuter bike I run IRC Metros at 100psi, works great!

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