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    Listen! So I'm the strongest man alive

    I put a large crack down the drive side of my plastic bottom bracket. I was hearing a clicking and figured some gunk got in there. Took it in (BB is an area I leave to a LBS). So they told me about the crack and they said they could replace it with the same $13.99 BB if I wanted. I naturally frowned at this since I would imagine it happening again.

    Well I set out to the internet with my requirements either a 63x121 internal bb or a 63mm external. I found the Truvativ Stylo 1.1 Crankset 2009 on Pricepoint for $114.99. Hopefully this will work out well in my situation, I went for the 180mm crankarms also .

    The bike is a 2009 Cannondale 29er 2. My only concern was the BB30 but it the shop guy did not seem to put any fuss to this and I hope he is right.

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    Hmm... I have never broken a bottom bracket, but I have snapped a fair number of chains during BMX gate starts. I also managed to snap the chain on my SC Superlight (geared) the other day in an out of the saddle torque-fest.

    Glad to hear you found a solution to your problem. The 180mm crank arms are nice for the leverage. I run anywhere from 180-182.5mm on my BMX bikes.

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    BB should be a 68mm - and unless you spent fairly big $$$ on your bike, you won't have a BB30 (and there wouldn't be a $13.99 BB in the bike!). The Stylo 1.1 crank is a decent crank. A $25 range BB would have had steel/aluminum on the "cup" set and would hold up better. If you are looking for the longer cranks, though, you probably have a better solution with what you ordered.
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