the slow race or lessons in falling?-
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    the slow race or lessons in falling?

    Just thought I would share a little tip I picked up a few months ago. While getting ready in the parking lot of the trail head, a fellow rider and myself engaged in a Slow Race. Drew a line in the sand and had to roll past it but could NOT roll past the second line about 12 feet further. First rider to dab or cross the line lost the race.

    I have found by practicing this skill (about everytime I ride) my climbing and low speed control has gotten better. I find when I ride the SS, that I have to muscle or hang a climb. The low speed control has improved where I am cleaning some intricate stuff, especially on the climbs and the occasional skinny.

    Do you have any training tricks that you use? I'm looking for similar, off the cuff tips to use and share with my fellow riders.
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    Practice hopping in one spot. It helps when you stall out in slow rocky sections but don't want to put a foot down.
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    good practice to avoid this...

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    Ride in tight figure-8s. Start slow and slowly increase your speed without riding a bigger 8. Do it in both directions.
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    When I need a break in a ride...

    I don't put a foot down but try to catch my breath while doing a track stand. Ironically, concentrating on the track stands helps me catch my breath faster and by trying to catch my breath I get distracted and can hold a pretty good track stand!

    Other suggestions made- smaller figure 8's, etc... have made my slow speed manuevers even better.

    Oh one tip that works for me regarding track stands- don't lock both brakes. I tend to only use my rear and the front tire is able to roll abit during recovery leans.
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