Skunked in Santa Cruz-
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    ... and if we just ... Skunked in Santa Cruz

    Typically the way to get up Soquel Demo is to ride up Hwy 17 to Highland way but due to the recent major downpour that hit Santa Cruz we opted to climb up from Aptos through the forest of Nisene.

    After immediately entering the park, you will be blanketed by an overwhelming presence of trees. While the temps were nice by our coastal campground, the temps drops down a few degrees lower and the air becomes moist.

    Here is a picture of one of the landslides as we ride through with some degree of alertness.

    Giant Redwood trees up here are plentiful.

    Finally we made it up to the top of Ridge line trail. Yes we are above the clouds.

    Typically I bring my ďall mountainĒ rig out here and sometimes that wasnít enough. But I didnít have the luxury to bring 2 bikes on this trip.

    3blacks descending down Ridge line.

    These types of jumps where everywhere and blended well with the forest.

    Soon after the first run down the mountain, I was experiencing some rear brake issue so we decided to take a break up here, have lunch then fix my rear brakes.

    Life is good.

    After a short break, we descended down Braille which is steep, fast and had a ton of features such us log rides, rollers and some big hit jumps.

    3blacks loves wood and she was killing it on all the features.

    I love all the obstacle features out here but some were just ridiculous. Gotta save some for the next trip.

    I almost ate crap on this one

    After we descended down Braille we climbed up Tractor which was a grinder. I walked some of the sections there. I need to save some legs for the next 4 days of riding.

    We got to Sawpit trail and immediately 3blacks went into work on some features.

    Guess the outcome of this picture.

    Sawpit is one of my favorites out here, it is steep and fast with some chunks in the mix.

    After the descent, we climbed up Ridge line and up through Sulphur springs road to Coral road. Iíve descended this a couple of times in the last 2 trips Iíve made out here and I was not looking forward at all on climbing this biotch or should I say HAB.

    Finally, after an hour or so of suffering weíve reached the top of Ridge trail.

    As we make our way back we decided to hit up a few other trails around the Santa Cruz Mountains.

    This one is fast, twisty and steep.

    You go through giant redwood trees at high speed just like the Ewok scene on Return of the Jedi.

    While going through the forest, we ran into the Specialized team as they climb up the singletrack. They all had 29ers, flat pedals and goggles. We saw them ride the trails like a bunch of Free riders and Downhillers. They were good.

    Just an idea of how dark the place is when it is surrounded by huge redwood trees.

    After 8 hours or so, 49 miles and 9K of ascent/descent we rewarded ourselves with a growler of Ugly from ABC!

    On our way back to our campsite this guys stops us to have a chat because he said that this was the first time heís ever seen anyone ride a VassagoÖ.poor guy was skunked on and reeked.

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    Good ***** dude!

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    Almost looks like my area of the world.

    Wish we had more obstacles in my part, cause they look fun and challenging.

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    Quote Originally Posted by umarth View Post
    Almost looks like my area of the world.

    Wish we had more obstacles in my part, cause they look fun and challenging.
    Yeah, what my man umarth said right there.


    We don't quit riding because we get old.
    We get old because we quit riding.

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    this ride is out my back door gentlemen....(literately)
    honestly though....50% of this viewed here is illegal for bikes
    except for Soquel demonstration Forest
    no complaints here
    I do love the PNW very much too! where they want you to ride their trails!
    That's the difference
    I'll be comin' up in August to enjoy!


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    That sounds like a crazy hard and awesome day. I couldn't think of trying that on a SS. I know those trails, and SSing up then doesn't seem likely for me.

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