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    will quick release skewers hold wheel good enough on horizontal drops?

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    quick answer is no...

    i converted an old 7speed rockhopper to horiz dropouts and continued to use the old wheels and q-r's (with one cog only, of course) and could not ever get enough hold with the q-r's, which were stock shimano ones, which have more clamping power than most aftermarket ones (and heavier as well, of course)

    slippage only happened when i was really torqueing standing in the pedals riding uphill, but that was all the time as my office is at the bottom of a hill.

    i got some of the axle holders like they use in bmx bikes and that helped, but was putting pressure on it (dropouts were getting marked where the screws were hitting it) when riding

    in the end, i got some cheapo security quick releases (tranz-x, with the five sided tool) which were screwed up with the tool, and didn't have any issues after that.

    oh, and i'm 185lbs and ride hills
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    On your size, riding style, etc. My experience is that it will work, but I am a lightweight and easy on stuff, smooth. I used a cheapo extra long steel skewer and one Spot tug (drive side) on a Voodoo w/horiz drops- worked fine when I ran that set-up. Your experience may vary.
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    Has worked great for me for 2+ years. Suntour QR's.

    If you're a Clyde, it might be another matter. I'm another lightweight.
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    Maybe with a tuggnut

    My allen bolts were sliding and my wheel sliding so I put a tuggnut on the drive side. I'm big and I torque hard so I opted to use my allen bolts still. The tuggnut came with a slick little adapter for use with QR, so the folks at Surley must think it's a viable option. I ended up drilling out the QR adapter to give my allen bolts a nice precise fit as there would have been a lot of slop otherwise.
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