So I built a singlespeed last year, mostly cuz I had the parts and I wanted to see what it was all about. Wasn't really that convinced, to be honest.

First I built up a rigid Misfit diSSent, but a back injury prevented me riding it. Then I bought a Niner RIP9 and had to convert my Niner SIR9 to SS so I could cannibalize the parts.

So anyway, I thought, OK, let's give this a college try.

And I do. And to my enormous surprise, it's FUN. Hard, but fun. Challenges me in ways I hadn't been challenged before.

My FS gearie gets mad at me for ignoring it.

OK, so at the end of last year I rode the SS 50% of the time, especially solo.

This year, after a long winter of snowboarding, not so much.

Rode it once, but fitness was all gone, and it hurt.

However, few weeks ago I enter a 24 hr race. I take the SS along because my team mates are interested. The vote that I ride the SS for my first lap. I have not trained. I blow up. I am destroyed. I do one more lap (on the gearie) and I am finished.


Another team mate is intrigued enough by the bike that he takes it out for a lap. Has never ridden either a 29er or a SS before. He turns in his fastest lap and comes back with a big grin on his face. He's a convert, instantly.

Another guy tries it. He likes it so much that after 5 minutes he offers to buy the misfit that I built the year before, sight unseen. Well, I wasn't so sure about that so I mailed the bike to him in a box and asked him not to send me a check until he was convinced.

Just got the check in the mail.

Went out riding yesterday and cleaned a climb I've always had problems on on the gearie. Amazing sense of achievement.

I really love this bike.

Can't explain. A lot of guys are terrified of even getting on it. But, as I discovered, it only takes a single ride to convert some people.

Whenever we do a group ride, I'm always stoked when someone asks if I can bring a spare bike, because that mean I get to ride the SS that day.