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    Single Speeding Vs The Beginning rider

    Any thoughts on this topic? Good or not good? Why?

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    worked for me when I was 5 years old

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    I ditched gears (and suspension) after 4 months on my first MTB. Don't know that I would have wanted to start from day 1 on this bike, but after a month, I knew that there had to be more to life than 3x8.

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    byrot's got it. I think we all had single speeds when we were kids. My very first bike was an orange chopper ape hanger banana seated coaster brake tank Huffy. Fences were ridden through, stone walls did no damage and I didn't even know there were bikes with shifty thingys. Uphill was not my forte. Now my SS is a reminder of those simpler times and it simply puts a smile on my face.
    I think you learn on what you can ride. I don't see any issue with a beginner on a SS. The only thing I would recommend is staying off the more expert trails. It's also possible for some that learning to shift is a hinderance until they can pedal and balance at the same time. My wife still has troubles, but it's cute so....
    I don't know why,... it's just MUSS easier to pedal than the other ones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by byrot View Post
    worked for me when I was 5 years old

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    I rode bmx for about 15 years before getting a mountain bike for riding trails. I was drawn toward the rigid SS platform because it was like a bmx bike. it was also waaaay cheaper and less complicated than anything with gears and suspension. I have dabbled in gears and suspension but I always end up back on a rigid SS.

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    SS is like being a kid again. We would spend all day on "The Trails" near my house from the age of 10 to 16...first on converted Stingrays, then "real" BMX bikes. SS is the closest thing to that type of freedom I've felt on a bike since then.
    I'm having more FUN than anybody!

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    Another vote for the "like a kid again feeling"

    As has been previously stated. We all had SS as kids, just didn't realize it at the time. Weather it was BMX or some other sort of single geared bicycle. So after x amount of time "experimenting" with gears. I found it only natural to ditch all the latest and greatest technology for a fully rigid steel single speed beast! Cheaper, easier to maintain, less flashy overpriced components to break, and lighter in most cases.

    If your already considering SS, then just go for it. If your unsure, buy an entry level HT and play around in the different gears till you find something your comfortable in, then bite the bullet on an SS. Either way, your gonna end up on a SS someday. Just a matter of how much you wanna spend to get there.
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    I just got my first real mountain bike, I've ridden gears before, had a few lower end geared bikes, but I went with a Specialized Carve SL rigid SS this time around. I LOVE this bike, its an insane amount of fun, I already have my dad and a friend wanting to build/buy a rigid SS lol.

    I say go for it, I have no regrets buying it!


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    So my first bike was an old Schwinn Sting Ray with banana seat. A single speed!

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    I've heard that some coaches will start beginning MTBers on a singlespeed to teach them about the importance of momentum. It makes some intuitive sense after you've ridden a singlespeed for a while.

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    Rode rigid SS for a few years and then broke out my geared HT this year. I learned so much SSing i feel like such a better rider now. It makes you learn how to pick lines, conserve momentum, attack uphills, pack a post ride cooler, throw $hit, swear, and look bada$$.

    but fer real, teaches you such different (and better IMO) riding skills
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    SS seems perfect for a noob (it's been SO long since my first taste of mtn biking,I can barely remember it,mid 80's,but my first year riding was on a converted Mongoose Switchback SS),less to distract you,just pedal,pedal faster,pedal harder,and it will teach you both the benefits of momentum and patience,as well as thrill you. PLUS,if you ever do go to geared bikes down the road,you'll be such a strong rider,you'll continue to smoke yer buddies
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