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    Single Speed :: Fixed Gear for trail riding

    Everybody needs a new and interesting single speed distraction. Here are two projects that I've been developing, sponsored by Vulture Cycles. I've got a single speed blog, currently with a cool anti-disco-hydro-new-skool thread among others. Check it out: <a href="">Fixed Impressions Blog</a>. <br/><br/>I've completely used up my .mac website with similar fun and distracting stuff <a href="">--gonterian single speed web page</a><br/><br/>I'll be shooting the interviews and other footage for the Fixed Impressions Feature video this summer and the full length (45 minute) version should be done by fall. We'll see about that deadline--progress has been very good in the shooting of late.

    Rock on.

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    Can't wait for the finished film

    Nice blog and trailer for the film. I'll keep an eye on it :-)

    "Put any one on one of these singlespeed bikes and they could not help but have fun"
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    Fahrrad fahren
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    Looks cool

    Nice. Looks like a great start. Looking forward to it.
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    <p><center><img src="" title ="He rides this on things that just scare me...on any bike" align="center" border="2"/>
    <p>Just a sample of the modern DIY scorcher. There are a group of us up here in no'thun vehmont that ride the hard stuff on them. And it just works. That is, it works once you get used to it. Woo Yes! This is a Raleigh Super Course. Brooks. Nitto Moustache. Surly Cross Check fork. Surly black hubs, rear is fixed/fixed. Umpteenth set of whatever cranks: 170mm Dimension currently. You will break cranks if you trail fix. It what goes when you scorch. But its worth it. Fat 44mm Mutano with micro clearance in the cold-set rear end and a 45mm panaracer in the front with big knobs. Its the biggest tire I've seen in that fork and its micro clearance. Ralph builds all his own wheels and he likes 'em straight and stiff.</p></center>
    <a href="">--gonterian</a>
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    I've been scorching a bit myself recently - having built up a converted old Benotto road frame with new 36h fixed wheels, 35mm IRC on the rear, 40mm Ritchey on the front, and clearance is indeed micro. Got the Midge bar on which I'm loving every minute of. Lots of fun and am gradually building up to more serious off roading. My biggest problem is pedal strikes - the frame has a lot of bb drop and I'm still running 175 cranks - need to get something a bit shorter... Have no decent digi camera so will have to sort out some pics in future.


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