Are single speed conversions not for stronger riders?-
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    Are single speed conversions not for stronger riders?

    I mentioned in another post that i trued to do a makeshift single speed out of my bike with the derailleur and tighten the chain as much as i could get it.

    It still wanted to skip and especially under high torque.

    Now i just hope that it wont skip when i put on the gears back on again.

    I haven't tried all the conversions yet and there might be one that works, but probably the chain will skip if it is even the slightest bit loose.

    But the bike store mechanic tested it and it worked fine for him being smaller and probably weaker than me.

    I have height, leverage and strength which turns into a lot of torque.

    Can a stronger rider use a conversion kit?.

    And if so what kinds are the best for me?.

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    I used a conversion kit. Worked fine. I'm 6'3" and was close to 300lbs at the time. Just had to make sure the alignment was spot on and got the chain tension right. I used the DMR kit.

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    if the tensioner is snug and the chain is aligned, it shouldn't matter.

    6'5, strong...have run tensioners with little issue.

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    It's all about the chain tension and wrap around the rear cog. If you use a regular chain tensioner, pushing up on the chan (increasing cog engagement), you won't skip.
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    I'll add that if your getting skipping, and your chainline is good, are you using an old chain with a new cog? or any old component mixed with new components? It's best to use all new stuff.

    The short answer is no, it's not because your too strong.
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    And it doesn't have to be all that tight, it should have a little slack. Some SSers use oval rings.
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    the chain is not skipping because you are "too strong." it's skipping because something in the drivetrain is worn out or mis-aligned.

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    Using a single speed cog or a geared cassette?

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    As the others have said, sorry, it's not your super human strength You either have a bad chainline or worn components, or you've set it up wrong/badly or maybe trying this on an FS
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    If you used a single speed chainring or narrow wide chainring upfront with a single speed cog (not ramped or pinned) then you wouldn't have any problems. It's a pretty different animal than just locking down your derailleur. Just make the full conversion, you'll be glad you did!

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