Or maybe sickness I'm not sure but after spending two weeks out west riding them I have taken the serious double plunge in to single speed.

I have as of yesterday a Specialized Langster road bike in the garage and a Kona Unit on order.

I have a friend that is an absolute bike nut that has been telling me for months how great single speed is. I went on vacation with him and after my Giant was KO'ed the first day on the trail it was either ride one of his home built singlespeeds or no riding for two weeks. So I got on figuring that riding was the choice.

Well after a couple of days adjustment including some sore calves and the compulsive need to shift I enjoyed the heck out of myself. However i still was not completely convinced that singlespeed was the big factor and not just new trails and old friends (which are always a plus). Plus I have had a specialized P1 that I used for jumping and tricking but had not rode very much.

So when I got back, I rented a rather beatup redline monocog. I road it on my regular places and it again was the blast that I had on vacation. So that coupled with year end bonus and viola new bikes.

So the geared bikes are probably going to go up for sale and I am going to give the P1 to my brother who has been borrowing it a lot anyway. Any suggestions on additions to either bike? I am already thinking discs for the Kona.

So I for the moment have more bikes than I know what to do with....

I think I may have partially figured out why the singlespeed is so appealing. It really is a kid thing. Watching my son and his friends play and ride I think I found it. All the rules and procedures and thinking that comes with geared bikes goes out the window in SS. The way kids play is not long sustained events, but short balls-out bursts coupled with resting and coasting and goofing around. A SS has that in common, you bust it going up the hills and run out of top end coming down and go regular in the middle, and boy is it fun.