silly/stoopid question-
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    silly/stoopid question

    i'm utilizing an eccentric hub with a freewheel on either side (16t and 18t) and found that when i flip the wheel, i need to adjust my rear brake (duh), being the lazy arse that i am, i finally just removed the brake and am running front only...i have a reasonably sensitive v and provided i don't do super aggressive descents, i'll live. does anyone have any experience on a front brake only system without a fixie, and beside the obvious what are the extreme downsides?

    thanks and pardon my extreme ignorance.

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    run two chainrings too

    run a 32 and a 34, or a 34 and a 36 up front, so when you flip-flop, you'll have a bigger gear change, and the same chainlength. I did that on my first SS:

    <img src="" width=720>

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    thanks, that's a good looks like you ran 2 cogs in tandem in the back so as not to screw with the chain angle; is this accurate? either way, this set up helps. thanks again.

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    your "perfect storm"

    I would say one downside for you would be meeting a hiker in the trail while negotiating a loose, offcamber downhill switchback.
    How "extreme" of a downside that would be for you would depend on the the distance you would fall on the exposed downhill side when you locked up the front brake and flipped clean over the bars, out into space. Good luck to you.

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