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    Signed up for my first epic

    This will be my first organized ride. Well, I mean, I have done group rides, done century road rides, raced...but it will be my first supported, organized, I had to pay too much money to ride, mtb ride! Only doing the 35 miler though. Thought about doing the 45 but having ridden those trails didn't feel like I wanted to make that loop (it wouldn't be anything new to me). The 35 will have a couple of sections that I haven't ridden before so that should make it interesting.

    The down side is that there will be a couple of road sections connecting some of the trails together. Being on an SS that could suck a little bit but could also be some recovery time (barring that the roads are going up hills)

    Right now I just need to get a few more longer rides under my belt. So far, I have only gotten out for about 24. But I have time, the bigger concern is what the trail conditions are going to be like. I can deal with leaves and what not and will just slap my Mtn Kings on but riding mtn kings on the road will just flat out suck!

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    Who cares about those road sections? Just run the mtb tyres that will give you most enjoyment and confidence on the trail. They'll slow you down on asphalt, but not as much as "asphalt-worthy" tyres will slow you down on the trail.
    Have fun!

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    I should have read the Leadville 7:44.... post before slapping this thread up. I'm such a wuss!

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    Dude im with you 1 speed. 35 miles is even too much for me on the rigid fork.
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