I've got a set of old American Classic hubs with a threaded rear that I bought for my '92 B-stone about ten years ago and are still going strong.
Now that I'm converting to SS, I'm wondering if I should rebuild my rear and use a single BMX style freewheel, or just build up a cassette hub.
One thing, even though I'll be riding it 1x1 about 99% of the time, I kind of like the idea of throwing on a cassette or freewheel on the back and going 1x7 depending on where I'm at and who I'm with. I know this isn't really an issue with the cassette, but I hate to break up a set and retire a perfectly good (and light!) hub.
So, -If I don't re-dish the rear, where will my chainline be when I put on the single freewheel?
-Can I make up any difference with a different size BB?
-Should I keep it single and tell my grandma she should have got a 'Hoveround'?
-Should I suck it up, get the cassette hub, and use the old freewheel hub as a conversation piece; to tell children how things 'use to be'?

Thanks for your time, (sorry if this was kind of long). - john