A lighter weight SS is better to have when you have to push or carry it through miles of mud After hours of taking parts off the bike to then replace with lighter weight ones, I fought a long hard battle on the trail with the muck. The muck eventually mocked me enough to de-saddle and assume the position. The goo stacked up nicely in the chainstays to where there was zero clearance from tire and stays. I will say this though, the Egg Beaters worked flawlessly in the muck. Normally I can clean this section of trail with out stopping to catch a breath, but I stopped 3 times along the way .

Observations of what did not do well in the conditions:
a) Rider (natch)
b) Motoraptor 2.24 in the rear (I thought it would do better)
c) Panaracer 2.25 front (marginally better than the Fire 2.1).....really had no business with this tire for the conditions.

Anyways, this was amusing and I had a great time. I managed to meet up with the group I had intended on riding with.