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    Seeking Position Comments

    I like a somewhat upright position - bar height about even with seat height. I have that now, but only through a "massive" amount of spacers on the steerer tube. Some people have commented that I do indeed have too many spacers.

    First, I am happy with the position. Is there any disadvantage to having such a large amount of spacers? Second, if so, what is the best way to achieve the same position though other components such as different bars and/or stem to eliminate the spacer disadvantage.

    I have 1.5 riser bars (I think) and a 10 degree X 90 mm stem. Take a look at the pics.
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    A large stack of spacers can be flexy and potentially damaging to the steer tube. A 40 degree rise stem would be a better choice.
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    I had the same problem on my old SS. Had about the same number of spacers (maybe a few less) with a 15 degree rise stem and a 2" rise bar. A higher rise stem and bars with more rise (there are some out there) will help you more. In the end I decided the frame didn't fit me well enough, which I used as an excuse to upgrade.

    It would be easier for people to comment on your position if you were sitting on the bike.
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    Bar rotation.

    It looks like you have the bars roated way far forward too. I would suggest a longer stem, maybe 110, or even 120mm with more rise. You will be able to roate your bars down to a more normal position as well. As they are, it looks like you are going to really beat the tar out of your wrists.....
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    Headtube length

    Part of the issue may be the headtube length on the Gunnar. Because Gunnar specs a long top tube on their bikes, you end up riding a smaller size. One benefit is a lot of standover clearance but the headtubes are shorter and your bars end up in a lower, XC-racing position.

    For reference, I ride a 20" 1x1 and don't have near the number of spacers on it as compared to my 17.5" Gunnar. The 1x1 has the same top tube length but a longer headtube:

    1x1 Headtube Length: 134mm
    Gunnar Headtube Length: 105mm

    Gunnar geometry favors a stretched out, XC-racing style position. If you like a more upright position, you might want to look at a different frame.

    I actually have about 30mm of spacers on my Rockhound and 10mm of spacers on the 1x1. I'm happy with my position on both bikes, though.
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    I like

    Quote Originally Posted by Dirdir
    I like a somewhat upright position -.
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    Try one of these Cowan bars from Kona 75mm rise and a steeper stem.
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