Second Singlespeed Ride . . .-
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    Second Singlespeed Ride . . .

    I have imbibed upon the sweet kool-aid.

    Second only because didn't manage to post about my first ride, which was a few weeks ago on the same trail.

    Anyway, the bike first:

    frame - 2003 Cannondale f-600 XL (Made in USA!!)
    Fork - Fox f120 rlc
    Thomson post/stem, WTB something-V seat
    Forte Loco rear wheel (re-branded Azonic Outlaw)
    Cheezball Forte tensioner - actually works OK however . . .
    Maxxis DHF 2.35 rear, Maxxis Ardent 2.4 front
    BWW pure XCR w/DT Swiss 5.1d front wheel
    Note: I prefer non-weight weenie wheels as I tend to destroy the light stuff
    Avid Mech brakes, think bb-5 (USELESS! Would strongly prefer hydraulics)
    Some sorta low-rise specialized bar, Lizardskins Peaty Grips
    Stock truvative firex cranks, blackspire 32t ring, King 20t cog, Sram singlespeed chain
    Shimano m520 pedals

    Second Singlespeed Ride . . .-24039_1317591753465_1640902016_751739_3422149_n.jpg

    The Maxxis Ardent is a spectacular front tire. Highly recommend it.

    Second Singlespeed Ride . . .-25357_1322692000968_1640902016_760726_3229599_n.jpg

    The BWW front hub has been great. The rear hub it came with died somewhat ingloriously after less than one season.

    Second Singlespeed Ride . . .-24039_1317591953470_1640902016_751744_2235780_n.jpg


    Rode Mohican State Park here in Ohio on Sunday 5/16. The trail is more or less non-technical fast flowy singletrack with some nice ridge riding, very few rocks, and some good corners to lean. Full trail is about 24-25 miles, I rode about 12, including 2 fairly extended climbs. Second climb was a TAD rough. Conditions were absolutely freakin' perfect, despite all the rain we had last week.

    My gearing is 32/20, which seems about right for this type of trail.

    So - did I experience the single speed mojo that I hear about so frequently?? I think so, in the form of leg cramps LOL. Actually, I do enjoy riding the SS & intend to take it on every trip that involves this sort of trail in the future. Even my less-than-lightweight butt can get up a hill extremely fast on a SS. Also, I didn't suffer on the downhills with the combination of my nice, plush f120 fork and my above-listed favorite tire combo. I would be very hesitant to take the SS out on some of the techy trails I ride, like Moraine St. Park in PA for example, but the SS is clearly a great option for any trail you can ride really fast.

    I can see how riding the SS builds strong riders. This was my second time out on this bike & I already feel a little stronger than last time. Got a heck of a leg work out in the process. Also, gotta admit that I walked a few climbs toward the end of the trail because my legs were starting to give out & I wanted to have something left for the fun stuff ahead (miles 15-19 of this trail = some of the best singletrack in the state of ohio IMO). I definitely intend to ride the heck out of this bike this season and I'm really excited to see where riding SS will take me. I'd really love to get to the point where I was on SS full time. Judging by how sore my legs are today, I'm definitely not there yet. A local trail (West Branch St. Park) with some rocks just opened, so I'm planning on giving this bike a try in the rocks & techy stuff here by the end of the week (if it will STOP raining!!).

    Think I'll need to replace the cranset and BB with something a bit burlier in the future. My ISIS BB creaked a few times - probably because 235 lb me was cranking on it harder than I've ever cranked on anything in my life. Think I need something with external bearing cups & a stout spindle. Also, brakes are gone as soon as I can afford it. I've heard of some avid mech devotees on various forums and I now believe that none of them use their brakes much, as avid mechs just stink IMO. Either that or I'm just to heavy for this type of brake.

    I also have a SS dirtjumper (sinister DNA) that I use on . . . wait for it . . . dirt jumps, street and Ray's MTB, which is what gave me the bug to hit a trail on SS.
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