In Search of Perfect Gear (How much slack?)-
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    In Search of Perfect Gear (How much slack?)

    Background- Trying to set up old MTB to run SS with no tensioner.

    I assume that moving from a 18t to19t cog will take 1/4" slack out of the chain? Right now the chain is too loose with the 18t and won't fit with the 20t.

    How much "vertical" slack can be removed by running a cog 1 size larger? It seems like I have a couple inches of slack with the 18t and am hoping the 19t would be perfect.
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    I understand that adding or removing 1 tooth from the sprocket wiil move the spindle 4mm.
    This was about right for me when moving from 34:18 to 34:17

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    FYI, did the perfect chain length thing myself. Worked great for about 3 hard rides, then the chain would stretch and bounce off. Spring loaded tensioners can be overpowered on climbs and cause chain hop... Fixed tensioners worked the best for me. Gave up and bought a single speed specific frame. Been happy every since.

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