Hey all,

I'm starting a singlespeed project out of an old Trek 8500 glued and lugged frame. I'm all abuzz about it.

I was gonna make some custom decals, and wondered if any German speaking folks could accurately translate 'Pain Bike' for me.

My limited German says Schmertzcykle, but please tell me if this is wrong.

My graphic designer wife is gonna get custom decals made for me, complete with logo and graphics, which will be going under many coats of clearcoat.

It started out as an inside joke between my wife and I. We went to Germany a few years back to visit friends, and we were trying to throw the twenty words of German into conversation as much as we could. We visited a castle that had a torture chamber, which we immediately started calling the schmertzhaus. They were rolling on the floor.

It's gonna be soooo rad!