Hi there, i have an 05 Salsa Ala carte currently set up singlespeed.
I have only been riding it for a couple of months now, and while the bike is great (not so sure about my fitness..) im feeling my hands are getting sore around the 2 hour mark.
I have the pro moto bars in a 5 degree sweep in an alloy version, and was noticing that the soreness seems to be from having the outer part of my palms too far forward, like the handlebar is too perpendicular.
Now maybe my time on my cyclocross bike has turned me into a road-bar loving weenie, but would i find much difference with going to a bar with more sweep?
Who has gone to something like the Salsa bar with 11 degrees sweep and found it more comfortable?
What sort of negative affects would i experience with a bigger sweep bar in terms of handling, if there are any negatives?
The stem length is spot on, and the weighting on the front of the bike is perfect, but i am wondering if i can get some more comfort out of a different bar.