Saddle develops play?-
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    Saddle develops play?

    I just sent a 6 month old WTB saddle in for a warranty fix. The problem was that the right rail had come loose at the rear connection point. It wasn't loose enough that I could actually pull the rail out, but there was a mm or two of play.

    I put this in the singlespeed forum because I think the only reason that I noticed it was because of all the standing/sitting that goes along with singlespeed. Riding along was fine, but the saddle would shift a bit every time that I sat down and it was pretty disconcerting.

    The internet seems to have almost no information on this, so I'm wondering if I'm being too picky?

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    Keep riding it till it breaks. Unless it annoys you too much.

    I have had that happen on a few saddles. One of them squeaked like crazy, but aside from that, they were fine.

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    Is this one of those fixed gear saddles? Or just a standard single speed?
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