Since Davey (aka Sparticas) is away from email at the moment I am posting the details for now.

It is taking place on August 20th, 2005.
Oakridge, Oregon

Meet time and location TBD.

If you are interested in a super fun day of riding with your good friends, wanting to test your legs and enjoy some of the best singletrack around just email me and I will keep you in the loop.

It is about a 45 mile trip covering the trails Saddle Blanket Mountain, Alpine Trail, Tire Mountain trail, Windberry Trail and Winberry tie Trail.

There will be a no host BBQ afte the ride, well we will have a couple small BBQ's to grill on. Along with swimming in the creek.

Maps, similar to last year, will be provide for a nominal fee of $2.

So, what you need to do. Email me at [email protected] telling me you are in for the ride and if you will need a map or not. I wll send you the meet time and location at that time.

There may be a possible shuttle option like last year but we will have to see who is all interested in that option.

This ride is intended to be for fun but feel free to come out and hammer you brains out if you would like.

You will need to be self-sufficent carrying your own water and food.

Time to Ride,