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Thread: Rotor size?

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    Rotor size?

    This may be a nutty question, but is there any "limit" to how big a rotor and caliper my bike can take?

    I have an IF SS that is fitted with a Marathon squishy up front and horizontal ends on the rear. NO EBB!

    It works well with my current setup of Avid BB5/BB7 so long as the rear wheel is in the rear 2/3rds ends, but I'd like to upgrade, as I found a smoking deal on some new Juicy 7 203's and want to give hyrdos a shot.

    Is there anything that is going to limit me going from 160 to 203?


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    yes there are limits! You should definitely contact your frame & fork manufacturers about brake rotor size limits.

    Repercussions from running a rotor that is larger than the frame/fork intended can range from total failure of the frame/fork, to successful use but a voided warranty, to no problems at all.

    Off the top of my head, I'm fairly certain that the Marathon is not rated for 8" rotors (maybe not even 7"). Marzo certainly won't give you a replacement fork if you crack the dropouts, and you could possibly get hurt.

    I'm guessing the IF frame wasn't made for 8" rotors either (unless you opted for a custom tubing (heavy duty) rear triangle). The 8" rotor may fit and may work fine though, since it's a steel frame, but again you are taking some amount of risk. Some frames won't even fit an 8" rotor due to manipulation/bends of the chain or seatstays.

    Many riders put larger rotors on their frames/forks than they "should" and have no problems, but you should certainly do some searches on this board to read up on the subject. This isn't territory that you should go into blindly, imho.

    my .02$

    -rob in Brooklyn

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    Thanks, Rob.

    I appreciate your reply

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