Ok, not that I have the funding for this idea at the moment after just building a set of wheels but I was thinking....

After reading the review of the Rotor Q cranks I was looking at the pictures and realized that it looks like the spider can be removed! That would then allow you to run a spiderless set up thru the use of an HBC (provided you order it now as you would then be able to have it in hand by the time you save up your money and buy your cranks )

In the first paragraph of the review they mentioned being able to run the 30mm spindle on the standard size bb on their Santa Cruz. They did not elaborate on this any further however! So I still have questions. Does this crank come with a bb that will allow you to run a larger than shimano (22-24mm can't remember what it is off the top of my head) spindle on a standard BB? I assume this is simply an ourboard bearing cup that simply has a larger diameter hole if you will.

If indeed their bb will allow you to run a crank with a 30mm spindle then what other cranks would no potentially fit a standard bb size frame. I mean, could you simply slap their bb in your frame and then run say a Hollow Gram or S-works? Perhaps you would then be moving into issues with spindle length at that point (not sure as I have not done that much research on this yet)

In any case, this may be a project I start looking into. Perhaps I will try to get my hands on a BB and then start looking at different cranks. This could end up being a cool off season project this winter! Either that or I just work on socking some money away for yet another frame