Rode the geary for the first time in 3 months (bad exp)-
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    No good Rode the geary for the first time in 3 months (bad exp)

    And it will be the last time for a VERY long time.
    (long, but sums up why I prefer SS over gears)

    I decided to drive up to Charlottesville, VA over Labor day weekend to visit my best friend who moved there recently. We had 3 things to do: Drink, ride, then drink a lot. Well, I got there a day early and he hadn't gotten back from being out of town, so I took it upon myself to take a day to check out the town via bicycle. (very cool town)

    Well, I actually re-started riding my SS when my RF Deus cranks went south on my Ells' Truth, and I was trying to figure out what to do. After a few weeks on the SS, I TOTALLY FORGOT about my Truth, and just kept riding the SS as much as I could. Well, I was bored the other day and decided to call Race Face to see if I had any options to fix/replace my cranks, and they said send them my cranks, and next thing you know, they sent me a new pair. Race Face Rocks!!!

    My cranks come in last week, so I slap them on and decided to take the Truth on my trip to VA. We were going to be riding at Walnut Creek where my buddy said there are some pretty decent climbs, and since it was my first time there I thought I would cheat a little and see how I handle the FS Truth compared to the trusty full rigid SS.

    Well, I find out later that I made a HUGE mistake thinking I was going to enjoy hopping back on the geary again:

    - First:
    I start riding around town and noticed some major skipping and ghost shifting. Mistakingly I had just put on a new chain that I had bought a while back thinking the gears were not worn enough to replace. WRONG!!!!! I hunted down a shop and asked to use a stand (I was a 12 year shop wrench and currently work in the industry), or have their guy look at it and figured I'd just PAY RETAIL for what ever I needed once the problem was diagnosed, (Though it is sac religious for me to pay retail, I drove 9.5 hours to ride and was desperate). Shop basically said they have no time for me, so I used my tools and did some parking lot adjustments. I was cool with it. All I wanted to do was ride.

    I head back to my buddy's house and not knowing the area well, I find the street he lives on about a mile from his house and head "up" it not realizing the longish steep HILL right before his house. The funny thing is that the ONLY gear that didn't skip was the 44t front and 18t rear, so I have to mash it to get up this hill. *** I would like to take this opportunity to thank my SS for endowing me with the legs to conquer this challenge *** Awesome feeling, but I was toast

    I just about lost all hope and was about to rig a SS out of it when I notice my buddy's wife's bike sitting there with a nice well-used 9 speed drivetrain. After getting permission, I rob the cassette and chain and slap it on the Truth. Problem Solved!!! (so I thought)


    I get the bike together and decide to do a couple of runs that night before we ride in the morning. I go up a hill switching gears, "great!" I come back down the hill and notice that my rear brake lever is bottoming to the bar. HERE WE GO AGAIN. I bleed it a few times and nothing. The piston int the brake lever is obviously toast.

    At this point I am about to lay my Truth on the ground in front of my Jeep and go to town on it so to assure myself I will never have a bike stress me out like this again. Well, I pretty much said fudge it and decided I'm riding tomorrow no matter what.

    So I rode Walnut Creek without a rear brake and did fine everywhere except when I over shot the trail or forgot I had no rear brake at the bottom of a descent with a turn and ran into my buddy a few times (friends are a great thing to use as a speed buffer).

    To sum it up we had an absolute blast, but the first day was ruined because I spent the whole day stressed out because my bike was a complete mess (mostly my fault) and was about to ruin the main reason I went there. This experience defined my preference for the SS , however I still believe the geary still has it's place. Just make sure they work.

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    We rented bikes from Fisherman's Wharf and rode to Tiburon. My 10 year old daughter and I were on a tandem. I didn't shift until we came to a big hill; then I shifted to '1' and carried most of our weight up.

    Then I realized that gear 1 on that tandem was actually gear 8! The gears worked opposite on that tandem: 1 difficult, 8 easy.

    Later, the guy at the rental place said that "all tandems are like that." I don't see why that would be, so I am not believing yet.

    In short, I SS'ed on a geared tandem. Good for me...


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