Rock Guard or no Rock Guard-
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    Rock Guard or no Rock Guard

    I had to replace my front chain ring cause it broke on my friday night ride. My LBS had a Race Face 32/ 4 bolt crank, but its a little thicker then the chain ring that came with my truvativ crank, which is good, but doesnt allow me to use my rock guard. Where i ride there are a couple log crossings that the crank hits, but other then that there are no worries. Would it be better taking this chain ring back and getting a thinner one so the rock guard will fit, or better yet are there thinner rock guards on the market that would fit my crank.. Thanks for all your help..

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    I hit log crossings all the time and haven't damaged my ring sans bashguard. Unless your logs are made of petrified wood or something, I'd try it without it.

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    Depends on what your crossing, my bashring is really chewed from crossing rocks. If there weren't the big rocks I don't think I'd run a bashring.

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    I agree with Nat & SoloRider. If you gnash rocks, use a rock ring. But if logs are all you smack with your chain & ring, I say go without.

    I cross logs frequently, don't run a guard ring and have never suffered damage to my chainring or chain. In my world, bolting a guard ring to my bike makes as much sense as carrying a spare seatpost or some other superfluous thing of equal & extra weight.

    Others need a guard ring cuz they grind. To each his own.


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    I've run the 4 bolt 104mm spider cranks like you have there for years and years and years and have never broke or bent a ring or crank; and I don't use a bashguard. I do a fair number of log crossings too where it gets scuffed often, although I never encounter rocks like that (I'm ~185lbs btw). Unless you're a really aggressive rider who hammers the bike up onto logs or rocks every ride, I'd just use a sturdy steel or DH alum ring and give it a shot without the guard. Just make sure you use steel crank bolts, and remember they sell stubby (shorter) crank bolts that are designed to bolt a single ring to the crank without a bashguard.

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    I wouldn't worry about not having a rock ring if you only hit logs. If you really still want the bash ring just get longer bolts for the chainring from your friendly LBS.

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