Reynolds new 953 stainless tubing specs-
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    Reynolds new 953 stainless tubing specs

    I've been reading about this stuff in various bike mags and found this on the web.

    Per IF this stuff is very difficult to work with.

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    Yeah... according to Thylacine on this thread
    Quote Originally Posted by Thylacine
    Reynolds insists on the wrong welding wire for 953
    I guess they are all still figuring it out

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    I remember when Tange Prestige was the cinderella of steel( I had the most gorgeous fire engine red Norco Nitro with welds and bends like butter) ,
    then along comes wondersteel 853 in the later nineties(?) and only a few builders were "allowed" to use it,
    now you can a get an 853 frame from nashbar and jenson!( but props to both for decently priced/built steel frames). I say it's all a tad hyped and to wait or just go ti,

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    I'm failing to see through the hype with this stuff. So you can get a steel frame and make it corrosion resistant (good) and it's strong enough you can make the wall thickness thinner for weight(a trade off for sure, ask an Klein owner). Leaving you a frame that costs as much if not more than Ti, with the "Steel Feel" being the only "advantage," but it’s now easier to dent? Am I missing something?

    Edit: I guess polished stainless looks pretty cool too.
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    Tange offers prestige and ultimate tubing again. Also carpenter will still sell Aermet 100 if you want it. Its no trickier to work with than 953 other than the fact it works better with grinding than cutting the tubing to make the joints. Then again, a plasma cutter works even better and quicker. If plasma cutters were widely available to metal fabricators 12 years ago, Aermet probably would have sold better and more framebuilders would have used it.
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    I too have been anxiously awaiting 953, but I think we will be disapointed. I know is a new material, but it has been a year and a half or more since the anouncements, and still nothing in production? Also, " Made from welded, cold-drawn tube with a highly homogenous welds to avoid a potential weak point" (from the above link). No seamless tubing? No thanks.

    Also, cost seems like it will be similar to Ti, with thiner walls which are more dent prone. Not a good idea for a mountain bike frame if you ask me.


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    I'm still waiting for Stainless to be used again.

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