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    Reuse Chain Pins for SS?

    So I'm happily grunting along yesterday about 1/2 of the way up a steep, technical climb, out of the saddle and applying close to maximum torque: I hear a quick snapping sound and threw the chain (first time ever on SS). Smacked left knee on stem. Once the pain and obscenities subsided, I inspected the chain and one of the outer link plates was completely bent-out and the pin was sticking out at an awkward angle.

    Now, I had just put this chain on when swapping-out cogs the night before, and have used (installed and uninstalled) this chain/cog combo maybe 4 times (total of only maybe 150 miles on this particular chain and cog).

    The link/pin may have been bent during installation. I took a quick look/spin in the driveway after it was installed (prior to yesterday's ride) and did not hear, see, or feel anything unusual. Do you guys re-use chain pins? Is there a way to avoid this (other than not being ham-fisted, if that is what caused this)? Thanks
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    I've re-used them without trouble. But if it wasn't quite inserted all the way, I could see it being an issue.
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