10th annual Fat Tire Festivle in Eureka Spring Arkansas was this last weekend. Only 15 in SS class but upwards of 150 riders. What a great day (mid 80's) Seems like its always 90 something in past years. So this was first time Ive raced SS at ta fat so was little nervous about all that plus first race fixed. Only one or two log hops. Not an issue but the 2000+ ft climing came in to play in a very unplesent way! Hike a bike was the theam of the day, but thats cool. . I dont think I will bring the SS or fixie back to this race but it will make for a great rig in many of the other locals here in the MW ( Sac River 12hr). Great experience and I feel like a better rider for the attempt and the race was just the T&A of mt.bike racing!

The bike: Kona Unit 2-9, 32/18. As a final note my legs hurt from going down not up