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    Reba motion control=Fox tera logic?

    Im interested in getting the ultimate ss suspension fork and I know about the Fox tera logic and how it rides and works but I'm curious to know if the Rock shok reba is a viable alternative offering the same performance at a lower cost?

    Can any one tell me if the reba behaves like Fox teralogic?

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    Quote Originally Posted by shwinboy
    ...Can any one tell me if the reba behaves like Fox teralogic?
    No, the Terralogic is a much more sophisticated fork. It can easily stay locked out on out of saddle sprints on smooth trails and still be relatively plush for bumpy terrain.

    The Reba can be adjusted to tune out a lot of bob but small bump sensitivity would suffer.

    You can check it out for yourself on the bike shop floor by mashing on the bars and then test riding them in the parking lot.

    Or you can be your own "Brain" and use the poplock feature on the Reba

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ratt

    Or you can be your own "Brain" and use the poplock feature on the Reba
    I thought the Pop-Lock remote that came with my Reba was another excess goofy gimick at first, but now I use it a lot while climbing, works well. have banged my left knee into it a couple times though. The Floodgate knob's function is duplicated by the Pop-Lock, Pop-Lock Adjust in my case, and is actually easy to tune to where you want it. This fork really doesn't bob much when not "locked" though once you get your possitive and negative air right (start with the recommended, and you will be close, this fork works that good). If you want to reach down to the fork crown to lock it out rather than use the remote Pop-Lock, get the fork version without the Pop-Lock, the knobs are different and if you decide you don't want the remote on your bar, you can't lock the fork without turning the small Floodgate knob then.


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    I've ridden them both and own a Reba......

    unless you are strictly racing on not very techincal trails, i would go Reba hands down. I didn't like the terralogic when it came to things like bunnyhopping and log...did not like that I could not compress the shcok when i wanted to. the Reba is stiff, lighter than the terralogic, ultra-tunable and $300 cheaper. Easy decision in my opinion
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