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    Reason you ride!!

    We were riding and my riding mate has a nice 4" Santa Cruz and Myself, I ride a Surly 1X1 fully rigid. Met a kid w/ his Dad and stopped to talk. The kid said to my friend, "So you are a real mtn. biker huh?", and my bud said, "I'm not but he is!" and pointed at me, made me blush and reply, "Naah, he's crazy." The kid looks over at my bike then looks at my bud's bike and doesn't get it. Then my bud said, "I am dying trying to keep up." The kid then questioned some of the skinnies and jumps/obstacles we have construction on the trails. I am one of the main trailbuilders in my area so I chimmed in about those. Then we all rode together and I demoed some of the teeters, skinnies etc. for the kid. I am not by all means an amazing mtn. biker but the kid was just blown away that I was just as strong as my riding bud who has a nice high zoot full suss.w/ 27 gears, propedal shocks etc.. and that I could ride all the stunts w/ no shocks and could basically lead the pack the whole ride w/ no gears.

    By the end of the ride he wanted to try my singlespeed and rigid fork hahahaha. It was awesome. He had a nice smile of his face. I love kids getting into the sport, especially when they can connect w/ just the passion I have for it, and love the trail I work so many hours on and the passion I have for SS'ing. This is why I ride! JC
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