Building up a 29" SS rear wheel, need some opinions on hubs.

I have a Paul WORD hub on my Ti had and it's been good (made even better with the White freewheel) but I have some chainline problems. Running XTR with an aftermarket spider so I can run "regular" chainrings. Rear cog lines right up with the spider tab so I'm a few mm's out.

Anyway, I'm thinking about a cassette hub on the 29" bike. What are the options-king, woodman/on-one/..., other?

I'm thinking about just running an XT hub with spacers because it's 1. cheap 2. reliable 3. w/center lock disk it's relatively light and 4. if I get the urge to run a 1X9 setup it would be pretty easy (at least as far as the rear wheel goes). oh yeah 5. can get the chainline just right. On the cons it's got limited bling bling factor and you don't look as "committed" to the single ring. Theoretically the wheel isn't as strong because of the dish-but this hasn't been a problem for me ever on my other bikes.

I've already got the XT front wheel running (the TiHag is set up as a 26r, 29f right now..) so it would match.

Ya'll got any comments? Thanks