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    Race vs Trail pedals for singlespeed

    What are people's thoughts on Trail vs Race pedals for single speeding (for example, but not limited to Shimano M8000 XT Race vs M8020 XT Trail pedals)?

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    I've used both and with my shoes I can't notice any difference between the two so I just use the "Race" version. A mate that I go riding with reckons he can feel the difference but maybe his shoes allow a bit of contact with the "cage" part of the trail pedals - I don't know.

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    I don't think it makes a difference. I ran "trail" SPDs on my old bike, and am currently running the XTR "race" on my new bike. They feel like the same pedal quite honestly. Only difference is when you take them off the bike, the XTRs are noticeably lighter.

    In my experience, even the "race" Shimano pedals are pretty bomb proof.

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    I have race on the SS and trail on the fattie and FS bike. I dont see much of a difference either.
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    I put some grip tape on the plastic parts of my MTB shoes which helps me grip the trial style pedal better if I need to unclip and don't or can't have a clean reclip. My foot seems to stay on the pedal better. I've ridden my bikes with regular shoes in a pinch on the trail style pedals.

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    Keep your feet on your pedals and this conversation is mute.
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    11% bigger contact patch, not that big of a deal. i don't see the benefit of the bigger pedals. i think it's more important to buy quality shoes with a stiff sole. that way the contact patch becomes less important as far as comfort is concerned.

    i have 4 sets of 540's and one set of trail pedals currently on my fatbike. i notice no difference in performance, quality, function, or whatever. they're just a bit heavier, which i don't notice either.
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    I use Sidi shoes and have race pedals on 2 bikes and trail pedals on another. I can definitely feel a difference, and the trail pedals will cause pain on long rides due to pressure on slightly different parts of my feet. I think this is primarily because I rarely ride the bike with trail pedals.

    As far as a performance difference, I don't notice any other than my feet seem to stay on better after pedal strikes with the trail pedals.

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    All great replies, thank you. I currently run race pedals on sidi draco shoes, and i think i will stick to that combination. just curious what people out there use...

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    Quote Originally Posted by SlipSpace View Post
    Read this
    That's what I thought too... I have the race, its a really nice pedal when using my giro vr90.

    Very rarely in difficult sections I ride unclipped (or can't clip in at all because of debris and ice) and find its pretty dicey to keep foot on pedal. I thought the larger surface of trail version was better when unclipped.

    Race vs Trail pedals for singlespeed-stuffed_pedal.jpg

    I've only ridden the trail a few times on someone else's bike. Was definitely more comfortable in sandals!

    The latest xtr race is a really damn nice pedal, especially compared to my previous worn out xtr 960s. The float is appreciably better than any of my previous spds. If I had to choose again I'd still pick the race.
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