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    Quick Rig EBB questions

    I searched the forum and could not find definitive answers, and the GF website is lame.

    1) What is the make/model of the EBB in my stock GF Rig? Is it the Bushnell?
    2) What is the torque spec for the bolt that tightens the EBB?
    3) I have FSA Mega EXO 180mm crankset on my 26" SS, would like to move to my Rig but it looks like the EBB may not support external bearings?

    Thanks and apologies if I am treading on already trodden ground...



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    What year is your Rig?

    I have a 2007 and it's no Bushnell EBB. I don't think a Bushnell will fit because that era Rig was a weird size (someone please correct me if I'm wrong). The EBB is some Fisher house brand.

    I was able to get an external bb on mine with plenty of clearance for bolt access. Just measure the bb shell of the 26" bike it's coming off and the Rig it's going onto. If the shell on the Rig is 68mm (my Rig is) and the 26" is 73mm you might need some spacers you don't have. If in doubt check the owner's manual for the cranks to see the appropriate setup for a given bb width.

    As far as torque goes, I just tighten it tight. If it slips I tighten it tighter. I haven't been able to find a torque spec either. After playing around with it for a while I found if I use teflon tape on a super clean and dry EBB and shell (cleaned it with rubbing alcohol clean) I get less slippage at a lower torque on the bolt. This comes in handy if you ever need to use a multi tool on it. So far I've been unimpressed with the Fisher EBB and would love to find a high quality upgrade for it.

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    You'll be fine with external bearings on the ebb, i run m960 cranks on mine and works a dream.
    Not sure about torque specs, but i tighten mine up as much as possible and iv never had any slippage or creaking from the bb.
    I'm sure i read somewhere that the newer ebbs from fisher have more material milled out of them making them lighter, perhaps you can get them after-market??

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    I have a 2008 Rig and the EBB is milled out from the factory. It does look alot like the work this guy did.


    I don't torque the EBB wedge to super tight, I sung it down good, but not over stressing the bolt. Very little slipping or creaking. I think when the bolt is over torqued, it will cause more creaking and slippinmg as it is being stretched and stretching the threads.

    Here is the specs from the Fisher Manual: Single-speed eccentric 75-100 lb•in (8.5-11.3 Nm)
    Inch Pounds, not Foot Pounds.


    For Trek, Fisher and Lemond, there are good manuals on line at:
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