questions about 24" wheel bikes-
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    questions about 24" wheel bikes

    pretty simple questions, really. My wife (5'3") would like to try a single speed. She really likes the look of 24" BMX bikes - and they do look like the perfect size for her.

    I know that there are plenty of 24" wheels and tires built for heavy duty use, but what about 24" for standard XC riding? What are the rim, tire choices and prices like?

    Anybody near that height gone this route, or are you sticking with 26"?

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    I converted my son's 24" bike to SS and he only use it for around the block rides, he didn't liked it for trail use. Maybe the gearing is to much for him, it's 34:20.

    He sticks to his XS geared hardtail; he's less than 5' tall.

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    As tempting as a 24" BMX cruiser might be, I'd advise against it. Here's why:

    1. They tend to weigh a ton (often in the neighborhood of 30 pounds).
    2. The small wheel size makes them inefficient on dirt; she'll have trouble keeping up.
    3. It doesn't take much of a rock, root, or rut to bring a 24" wheel to a halt.
    4. Many only come with a rear brake, and a U-brake at that; and while you can find some with V-brake mounts, they're rarely seen on the fork.
    5. Leg extension is often nonexistent, as the seatposts are very short. BMX riding requires a stand-up-and-spint approach, so the tiny seat is used only for coasting.

    Now, don't get me wrong; I think 24s are an absolute blast to ride on the street and on BMX tracks, jumps or other groomed paths. But for anything resembling "off-road" conditions, your wife will be much happier on a 26"-wheel bike. And even at 5'3", she will have no trouble finding one that fits her.
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