The price of Fixed Gear-
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    The price of Fixed Gear

    So, riding back from campus today I went to ride off a curb to cross an intersection through a cross walk. I could see a car pulling out too far into the crosswalk in front of me. As I rode off the curb my normal bike instincts told me to stop pedaling and slow down. And that is what I did. By the time I remembered that I was on a fixie the cranks had launched my ass on to the top tube and handlebars, with my left leg dragging on the front wheel. If I had just taken the fall it wouldn’t have been too bad, but that would have landed me in traffic. So I had to ride it out for a bit, with my leg pinned against the fork by the tire and my silly ass chicken laced spokes. Well at least the first blood of the season is out of the way. I think I’m going to go and try and further hurt myself with my freeride bike now.
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    At least the band-aids won't stick to those shaved legs.
    Say...... isn't that a roadie thing?
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    That looks painful mate

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    I just don't get the fixed gear thing.

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    Yea, I'm kind of a rodie too. I didn't shave my legs until I lost a bet with a friend who is a rodie, and found it isn't that bad. I think I'm either half Yeti or half Robin Williams(my mom has some explaining to do), so it's really nice to be able just to wipe a skin graft like that one off and throw some Bactine at it.
    Slowly slipping to retrogrouchyness

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