After 3 months of solid riding, it looks like i've bent the right chainstay of my GF Rig a little. also, when i'm really cranking uphill, out of the saddle and swing the handlebars to the left, (throwing my weight to the right of the bike), the rear tire rubs the left chainstay.

Anyone else noticing this on their aluminum 29er, SS bike?

I absoloutely ENJOY this bike, i dont necessarily think its a defect BUT...maybe GF should have beefed up the chainstays with the anticipation that some of us would be single speed loving, clydesdales, (with the big ol wheels n all).

i suppose its the material as well. ive bent 26er, aluminum frames w single speed setups before. Maybe steel is the only way to go?

this week ill see if they honor their warranty.
so anyway, something to consider with an otherwise excellent bike and excellent value.