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    Popping in drivetrain. Not typical symptoms... Any ideas?

    Whatsup guys,

    I have been getting this popping/ skipping noise/feel in my drivetrain for about a month.

    It happens when I go from coast --> power

    Chainline is perfect
    Chain tension is perfect. Its between 1/2 - 1 inch of play.
    Homebrewed components chainring. Hardly any signs of wear
    and homebrewed cog/ surly cog on my two sets of wheels both of which are built on Hope Pro II hubs. (no sign of wear on either)
    Chain doesnt have any bends or abnormalities and was not worn out when I checked it about week ago.
    Entire drivetrain is 3/32 width

    What do you think gives? You think the cold weather is affecting the grease in both my hubs?
    Anyone else had a weird and similar experience?
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    You have two rear wheels right? Is is happening with both?

    Also, as a random guess, I've heard that the little springs that push the pawls out to engage the hub can fail on the Hope hubs. Have you checked those?
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    I believe I can recall it happening with both. Ill need to double check on that.

    I havent taken the hubs apart yet but they both are fairly new. 1 is 8 months old and the other is about one month old. I have been meaning to take em apart anyway to see how they work. It may resort to that.

    Another thing that came to me was frame flex. You think the sudden burst of power and forward momentum is slacking the chain and causing it to jump on/off the teeth of the cog?
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    i don't think it could be frame flex.

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    Long shot but a bent or loose pedal will make a poppy type feeling sometimes, you may not feel it unless you are putting a lot of force on it

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    What about loose chain ring bolts? Even if there semi tight they may shift under a load.

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    i had similar experience before but mainly because of chain tension (too tight), my guess is the pawls and teeth are slipping on the initial load.

    check this thread, maybe we missed mentioning other possibilities.

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