Well due to some unfortunate events at the 24 hours of Summer Solstice at Albion Hills, Ontario this past weekend; I managed to pop my SS cherry!

On my second lap I sheared my derailler hanger right off. Tried to make a singlespeed outta my own bike but once i started cranking the chain broke so i was done and walked it out.

In comes Pete to the rescue! Pete owns Misfit Psycles and was doing demos. I read the flyer, do and SS lap and get a free T-shirt! Well can't get enough T-shirts!

So i did it! 32x16 with 180 cranks, white brothers fork and a carbon bar that seemed like it was 8 feet wide! Cleaned all but one hill. It was a workout and a half. 17km lap took 75 minutes in damp conditions at 2:00am.

Think i might have to convert the 99 kona nunu i picked up last week to an SS by years end.