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    Please...Help me decide!

    Hi. I finally got my hands on a 2nd bike the other day so I can convert one to a singlespeed and still have a geared bike for new trails and scoots around town. The problem I'm having is which bike to convert. My old and trusty stead is a Barracuda A2R with old Exage components on it that still work solidly. I love this bike as it has made it through many crashes with me that my shoulder will never let me forget!! The other bike is an old steel Balance with brand new Grip Shift 3.0 components and is a pretty light bike. Haven't had a chance to ride it yet to see how they work. It would be easier for me to convret the Balance, since I won't have to swapout brake levers and such but I'm afraid I may ride it more than my Barracuda. I know it sounds silly, but I'm not sure what to do. Thanks for any opinions!

    Kenny O.

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    why don't you try sticking to one gear for a couple of rides on each and then decide which is better SS...... just an idea...

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    When I decided to try SS I had 2 geared mtb's. I converted my back-up bike, a '96 Stumpjumper, first because I was waiting for a suspension part for my main bike, a '02 Salsa Ala Carte.
    Well I loved the Stumpjumper so much, I thought the Ala Carte, with it's lighter frame, suspension fork, and generally zootier parts group, would be even that much better as a SS.
    They both are still SS, but the Stumpjumper is now my main bike, and the Ala Carte is the backup.
    I can clean more, the fun factor is higher, and I'm just as fast on Ol' Stumpy.
    So I guess what I'm trying to say is you'll never know until you try, and your results may surprise you.

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    Thanks for the input. Well, after riding them both around a little this AM, I decided to convert my old trust Barracuda. I swapped out cranksets cause the Sugino is easier to change rings on than the STX. Changed front wheels out too, better hubs on the Balance. I will change out rear wheels as soon as my spacers and cog comes in. Right now, I have my old 7-speed cassette still on, the other one was an 8-speed and made the chain too tight. Running a 32 up front and 18 in the rear right now and it seems to be the magic number, don't think I'll need a tensioner, but I am going to order one anyway. I'll get pics up later and others when convert complete.nh

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    you will need the tensioner.

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