Platform vs. Rigid-
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    Platform vs. Rigid

    Hey folks, guy with the toasted shoulder here. I was the beneficiary of great shoulder rehab exercises from posters, and they have been great, and I really appreciate all the input. Been off the rigid SS for quite a while, went out with it this afternoon, and got a great 2.5 hour ride in. What a blast! Problem is my shoulder is starting to hurt and stiffen already. Afraid I am going to have to steal the Reba from my geared bike. Question: can the platform give you the same flexibility to move between standing and sitting that is so simple on a rigid bike? Never messed with the platform too much--but I guess I will give it a shot if it can really work well. Any input is always greatly appreciated.

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    I borrowed one for a ride last Sunday. When dialed in and locked it climbs pretty good. The main issue is the extra weight, not the bobbing. Its pretty efficient locked.

    Dont even try to stand up without it locked out. Total pogo noodle.
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    Extra Weight

    I was afraid I would feel the extra weight too. Going to pare down weight on the bar, post, and crank and see if that gets me about even. The crank on my KHS Solo-One is a truvativ blaze that weighs a ton. Was also concerned about the fork length. I like the calm but quicker handling the shorter rigid fork has. But I guess you can hit more stuff with a suspension fork.

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    I love the Fox lockout

    I kick myself for not buying the handlebar lockout for both singlespeeds but the price is way too high. The fox forks will unlock if you hit smallish bumps-I have to unlock then relock sometimes but I feel that I have a pretty well locked out fork for uphills and fireroads. That pop lock on Reba's is pretty slick.

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