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    Picked up a SS 29er GF Rig

    I wasnt' really sure whether to post this in the 29er forum or here. Please move it if necessary.

    I really think I might be getting obsessed about biking. I found a great deal on a new leftover '07 GF Rig the other day and after a short test ride I found myself mounting it up on my Saris rack and taking it home. My justification for purchasing it is that I still like 29ers and this is SS so it will offer me a different kind of riding (not to mention I can also have it for an extra bike so that I can get some of my lazy ass friends involved in the sport). I really like this bike.


    The deal was almost too good to be true. The bike was $805 (I used the Trek card with no interest for 6 mos). I paid $100 to join a local bike club (which gave me a nice jersey, padded bib-shorts and a nice coupon book). So they let me use this one coupon for 15% of the purchase of the bike for anything (non sale) in the store. I got to pick out $120 worth of extra crap.

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    Wow, what a deal. Nice bike, too.

    If you want to join another bike club for free, join the Disciples of Dirt. We won't give you any material goods but you WILL be able to say you're a Disciple. Ain't nuthin' better than that, except maybe ridin' with the pack.


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    Anyone know the approximate top speed of this bike? I'm curious if I can keep up at one of the 20 mile "taco rides."

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    If you head over to Sheldon Brown's website you'll find an untold wealth of information.

    If you run the the stock gearing, 32x18, at 90rpm's you'll hit 13.8mph. Changing the rear cog to a 14 would get you 17.7mph at 90rpm's. Upping the RPM's to 100 for both those would get you to 15.3mph and 19.7mph respectively. If want more top end than that you'd need to change the chainring to something such as a 36 for 100rpm speeds of 22mph (14t) or 17mph (18t).
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    I don't know the tops speed of the bike. But if you would like to easily make it faster just switch out the tires for something faster rolling. I personally love the ACX for it's do anything grips, but I think they're reasonably slow rolling, but thats just an educated guess.

    Congratulations, have fun!
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    Good deal on a good bike. Its a fun ride and introduction to the SS and 29er thing. I've had mine for about 2 years.
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