Perceptions of a Newbie SS 29er rigid CONvert:-
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    Perceptions of a Newbie SS 29er rigid CONvert:

    While I don't profess to have all the answers, I will say that it's pretty clear to me the single biggest difference(and reason) to move over to this side is.... in a word, Peace( of mind.)

    And quiet.(If I had to add another..) Two months ago, I bought my first one of these simple bikes after a buddy of my consistently toasted me, day in an day out. I decided to give it a whirl. Since then, I've learned it's many unique disciplines. Yesterday, for the first time, I dragged out and dusted off my 26" 1x9 Stumpy hardtail to...............welll....... just see. And it all became clear. So here's my top 5, in order or apparent significance:

    5- Quiet/Peace
    4- Simplicity
    3- Discipline/focus/Precision
    2- Power: Getting to the top faster
    1- Grip: More rubber on the road..I guess.

    My level of endurance, power and productive ability to move through the trails has increased by 30% at least. And a lot that, I believe, has to do with approaching those huge, up coming, technical climbs with that "Go now and go hard!-You only got one!" mentality that only SS riders understand. Necessity truly is the mother of invention..

    Anyway, I digress.........and having said all this, I do need some advice on shedding some weight on this, relatively newer stock bike. It's a Raleigh XXIX '09 fully rigid SS 29er. Here's the link: The upgrades I' think that are on this bike: Time Atac pedals, Cane Creek Headset, WTB all mtn wheels(not sure if these are upgrades or not) and the crankset is titanium I'm told(cant remember name) and rear chain ring is titanium. Everything else is what's listed in the Raleigh link. Would like to consider a decent fork with lock out that's not a fortune but won't add a ton of weight.(Just so I can be a little more aggressive on the slower technicals)

    Anyway..........thanks in advance and sorry if you've seen a lot of these kinds of posts in this forum. I'm just blown away and needed to sing it's praises somewhere.

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    You forgot to mention the fun man...
    The only regrets in life, are the risks you didn't take.

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    So your looking at a used XXIX? Its a good bike and rides really rood on the dirt. Just take a good look at the EBB and make sure the frame isnt ovalized and make sure you understand and know how to use it befor attempting to adjust chain tension. Other than that, its a tough bike. Iv smashed into many a trees with mine walking away with only scratches, well, and whatever damage was don to my body but thats no biggie.

    I have only upgraded to some ODI Rogue lock ons, salsa skewers and seat post and a surly cog. Ride it rigid for a while and see how you like it before throwin cash down on a fork. Many people here buy a shock and never install it because they cant bring themselves to take the rigid off.

    Have fun and good luck! And welcome to the dark side.

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